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Guess who is coming to Smallville?



For 11 years there was a blackout on a certain character appearing on Smallville the TV show. But now that blackout is now over:


Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

Art and cover by CHRISCROSS and MARC DEERING

On sale SEPTEMBER 5 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

• These stories are in print for the first time after appearing online.

• SUPERMAN comes face-to-face with high-tech weapons on the streets of Metropolis.

• The hunt for his parents’ killer puts a vigilante known only as “the BATMANon a collision course with The Man of Steel…

But most important … doesn’t this look like a … girl Robin? 

So what do you think? Is there a girl Robin coming to Smallville?

As per usual, I’m so not interested in Batman, beyond him giving poor Clark a new dude friend who hasn’t literally shot him in the back…but a new lady Robin?! YES PLEASE, I AM EXCITED.

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Team: Clark Kent | Superman | Lois Lane: Lois and Clark back together? Not on my watch! says Superman editor


When the very first rumors of the DC Comics reboot begin slipping out a year ago I predicted that DC would split up Lois and Clark. Quite a few people thought it was an outrageous thought. Others called me full of shit.

Well, we all know how that prediction turned out,…

Hey, Matt!

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Why yes I am reblogging the same picture.


Look at Lois on that cover. Look at this physical book that I want in my hands. 5 times. Because I’m going to be buying 5 copies and forcing them on people.

(also I’m interested to se what’s on that facing page; it looks like a costume comparison or design page, maybe?)

Everyone should buy this. It will make you happy.

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The second installment of Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville: Season 11 is available today and it’s supposed to feature a morning with Lois and Clark. Let’s support Lois and Clark’s love story by repeating the comic’s previous success with another week as the number one bestseller on comiXology. To learn how you can download a digital copy for .99, and how to eventually purchase a hard copy, please visit here and here.

UPDATE: On the comiXology site and in the app, you’ll need to scroll down to the “digital firsts” row to find this week’s chapter. Also, a reminder to please refrain from reproducing or spoiling the comic or downloading pirated copies out of respect for the work put into it and to make sure the comic sells as best it can. Thanks.

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