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That dunk tank scene.

Be more flirtatious and couple-like, Clois. I dare you.

Filed under idiots look at the both of you Clark I can't with your facial expressions Your smile splashing water at Lois YOUR SMILE Lois messing with his hair GAH what are you two doing to me? flirts chemistry isn't even close to what they have didn't those guys on the base teach you anything? wouldn't you like to know i hate the both of you you've ruined my life disgrace OTP this is only season 4 Lois has been here for 3 episodes seriously? clois

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I had never had this connection with someone before. Now that I have this connection, I don’t want to go back to the way things were.

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Filed under This whole speech was about you Clark She wasn't talking about the Blur really she was talking about working at the Daily Planet with you finding the truth instead of getting the big headline she just wanted to be with you FEEEEEEEEELINGS you did good things together she doesn't want to be alone anymore CLARK YOUR FACE You don't want to be alone either and she understands you she gets you more than you get yourself this couple i can't omg stop it I could write a term paper on you two fuck i hate you god damn it