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Nothing helps. I tried looking at photos of you. I tried holding strands of your hair. None of it works!

Davis Bloome

Oh my god, why is everyone in Smallville season eight a sociopath? (Except Lois) Also, did Davis pick her hair out of the shower drain? Or cut it off her head while she was asleep? Or pull it out of her comb while she was at work. Gross, dude.

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Filed under favorite quote on smallville ever because even when he said this quote no one was like 'hold the fuck up' 'what did you just say?' no one instead chloe was just like 'oh you poor bb i know' this quote will always bring me back to the first time I heard it on tv and laughed harder than I've ever laughed before and then rocked back and forth weeping for hours television smallville davis bloome quote

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Lois Quote of the Day

Lois & Clark’s relationship – how important is it to the larger picture of Superman? Obviously, it wasn’t something that was there for the first…what…60 years, but now, it’s an unshakable part of the mythos. For you, how did you tackle the idea of a married Superman? It seems like something where cliché is always knocking at the door…
Kurt Busiek:
Does it? I don't really see how it's cliché in a way that, say, the old romantic triangle isn't. I think there's a lot to be had from both setups – and lots and lots of people in the world are married without it being clichés.
I simply assume that Clark and Lois have a strong relationship, and roll from there. I can't see doing stories where Lois bitches about him being Superman – aside from the fact that she knew that when she married him, she approves of it. And I can't see doing jealousy stories – how dumb do you have to be to think Superman – Superman, of all people – could be untrustworthy?
So they love each other and they play off each other nicely – he's all heart, masking a keen brain, she's all brain, masking a warm heart. She's sarcastic, he's earnest. They both don't quit 'til the job's done. They're fun to write.

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I love you for who you are, Michael Guerin. You may have been genetically engineered to be a soldier, but you have the soul of an artist.
Maria Deluca (via fyeahroswell)

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